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Spike Stun Guns

Nov 8

Spike 20 Million Volt Stun Guns Provide Effective Defense 

In the palm of your hand, the Spike 20 Million Volt Stun Gun offers strong defense! Two strong spikes act as electrodes with high voltage total stopping power. The electrodes emitting the 20 million volts are two strong shocks. The sound alone can prevent a fight from escalating, but if it comes down to it, the stun gun is powerful enough to stop any assailant.

The rubberized covering makes it simple to maintain a secure hold. Your palm activates the trigger, which sits discretely in the palm of your hand. Spike stun guns usually come with a nylon belt holster and is tiny and lightweight, allowing you to carry it discreetly wherever you go. Many stun guns are usually rechargeable and have a lifetime warranty, depending where you purchase from.

Some of the Spike Stun Gun features:

  • •3.5" x 3" x 1" Dimensions
  • USB Charger
  • 4.7 milliamps (depending on battery capacity)
  • 20 million volts Black, Pink, and Purple are the three color options
  • Nylon Belt Holster