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Discover what North Gaia EC by Sing Holdings has to offer

Dec 7

North Gaia EC, located in Yishun, is inspired by nature. Its place in the heart Yishun creates a seamless blend between the two worlds.

Signature at Yishun in North Gaia EC is much more than your ordinary residence. It defines the meaning of extravagant comfort. It leaves the difficult task of tasting every last detail of its grandeur to its wealthy owners.

This residence is sure to make you feel elegant. North Gaia EC has everything you need to enjoy luxury and glamour. A lifestyle of luxury and opulence served on a platter full of gold will redefine your life.

North Gaia EC brings you the best of architecture. It is a combination of form and functionality that brings out the idea of unlimited design. The natural colors in the contours create an illusion that you are on moving balconies. This will allow you to have stunning views from both the outside and inside.

It has all the best amenities for recreation and relaxation. North Gaia EC has everything you need for urban comfort and retreat.

Signature At Yishun in the Yishun District enjoys the advantages of a prime location. It is no surprise that this lifestyle hub has major destinations easily reachable. It's connected, which means you can live both indoors or outdoors.

It doesn't matter if your passions are luxury, playing, working, learning, or studying. North Gaia EC allows you to have the freedom to express your magnificence through every aspect of your life.

Simply whisper your address to receive all the envy that you deserve. Begin your day with breakfast at a renowned entertainment and retail spot. Enjoy a thrilling drive to finish off the day.

Watch your sweet dreams become a reality as you thread into an amazing urban verdant escapade. North Gaia EC will pamper you and elevate your mood.

To boost your energy, there are many options available. You can take a refreshing dip in the pool, or relax on the deck while enjoying the sunshine. Everything you need in order to achieve soulful therapy and relaxation is available.

You can pamper yourself with our activity areas. You may want to take a break from the heat with the Jacuzzi or the rainwater. Or you might be looking for a refreshing session at our gymnasium. North Gaia EC offers everything you need for the most energetic, subtle, and active moments.

We can host your extravagant celebrations at one of our luxurious functions for only your events and parties. What do you prefer? Outdoors or indoors? Enjoy alfresco dining with the pool deck's barbecue pit and delicious food. You can have every moment and every gathering from the comforts of your home.

You can reduce the time you spend on social events and increase your personal time. No matter your level of activity or creativity, there is always something to do. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of a leisurely stroll while admiring the sights from your citadel. Take a moment to relax and look at the sunset, or just stretch out. It's always better to start your morning with a hobby.


Signature At Yishun, a nearby North Gaia EC location, combines the contemporary values of its spaces with chic designs to bring out all the lavishness. The balconies reach fluidly up into the sky, creating a facade that contours.

The extravagantness of the spaces is accented by the meticulous attention to detail. Each element of the design, including texture, appearance, and finishing, is carefully chosen to make a stunning statement about luxury. You can enjoy breathtaking views from your private balcony. Get the best of the city's sceneries from the best angle.

Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure unrivalled comfort. North Gaia EC takes care of your preferences, from the wares, to the equipment, and finishing. Each detail is made specifically to make you feel at ease.

The best kitchen appliances. The most iconic brands offer the finest designs and details. You can enjoy luxury in a space designed with care.



Signage At Yishun, a nearby North Gaia EC assures the owners a lavish lifestyle. The most renowned architects and developers have worked on this architectural icon in the heart Yishun. They brought a unique blueprint to life that was specifically tailored for the urban lifestyle of their clients.

This home is custom-made for you. We take time to be sure that you feel at ease. It's possible to relax and enjoy everything in a home that meets all your needs.

You can now see all the details, and experience the spacious and intelligent floor plans designed to meet your family's needs. Be sure to register for first hand information as we are expected to receive amazing response. New Home Sales has been increasing since last year.