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Check out these 4 Bathroom Faucet Finishes for your Bathroom

Mar 22

Check out these 4 Bathroom Faucet Finishes for your Bathroom

Bathroom finishes are an integral part of bathroom design. It's possible to transform a bathroom with simple updates to the fixtures and a coat of paint. It's crucial that you know the best finish for your bathroom faucets when remodeling your bathroom. Round Rock Home Remodeling is a team of experts who can guide you through the entire process, from your grand vision to the "finishing touches".

What is your favorite material for faucets?

Even though styles have changed over time the importance of durability has not diminished. For bathroom faucets, the best materials are chrome, nickel-brass, bronze, and brass. It is possible to apply finishes to many different materials. In the next section, we will talk about finishes.

Chrome isThis material is the most commonly used for bathroom faucets. Many homeowners love the mirror finish and versatility of chrome. It is versatile and looks great under various lighting. Chrome is very resistant to rust or corrosion, and also difficult to scratch. However, fingerprints on chrome are more easily visible.

Chrome: Analogous with chrome, nickel is also popular for faucets. Nickel may look slightly darker than chrome under different lighting conditions. Nickel is a highly sought-after material. It's best to have a brushed look.

Chrome: This metal can be used to achieve a warm, gold hue. This material is popular in bathrooms looking for a warmer appearance. Brass can often be easily stained by fingerprints or water spots.

Bronze: This material can often be used to achieve a darker look. Oil-rubbed bronze looks the best because it is durable and easy on the eyes.

What is the Best Finish on Bathroom Faucets

The finish is an important aspect of bathroom faucets. The finish can be a difference between shiny and mirrored or soft and muted.

Polished: This look is very self-explanatory. A polished look can be given to brass or nickel for a shiny, mirror look. Polished surfaces are easier to see fingerprints and water spots. A popular choice for faucets in polished brass or polished Nickel because of their versatility and timelessness.

Brushed: This gives the material a more matte finish that hides fingerprints and water spots better. The name refers to the fact that the material is treated using a wire brush to achieve a matte finish. The unique application can cause brushed finishes to look different among manufacturers. If you decide to go for a brushed look, ensure that your accessories match.

oil-rubbed: This common finish is used to give bronze materials a deep, rich, and rustic look. Oil-rubbed finishes require less effort to clean and are easier to remove fingerprints and water spots. There is a chance that oil-rubbed finishes can vary between manufacturers. With this finish, it may be more difficult to match your accessories.

Matte: This popular finish allows you to tone down more aggressive materials and achieve the style you desire, while still maintaining a subtle appearance. In bathroom remodeling projects it is very common to see matte black or matte brass.

What is the Most In-demand Finish for Bathroom Faucets

Styles change over time as do any other room in the home. Some styles come back in style and are now very popular! Consider these four bathroom faucet options for your next project:

  • Brush Nickel: If chrome is your preferred color, but you still want to have a rich, dark look, brushed nickel might be the best choice. This material and finish are great in many settings.
  • ChromeThis bathroom fixture with a polished look will be a classic. It is durable and can be matched with other accessories and fixtures making it a popular choice for homeowners.
  • oil-rubbed bronze: Dark elements like oil-rubbed copper can bring contrast to bright spaces. This is a popular material that can be used to create a dark ambiance.
  • Matte Bras: Versatility, is the key to matte brass. Many people associate brass with the past, but matte brass can be used to create modern, unique designs. This material and the finish offer the best of both worlds.

These popular finishes might not suit your taste, but there are still other ways to make a splash. A trusted bathroom design expert can help you design your dream bathroom.

Family-Owned Bathroom Remodelers are Locally Responsive and Ready to Get You Started

Bathroom remodeling should produce a result that is both functionally and visually appealing that will last the test of time. Round Rock Home Remodeling is there to assist you with any questions or concerns. We guarantee our prices will not be higher or lower than any other qualified contractor working on the same project.


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