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Concrete Stairs and Steel Stairs: Which Is Best & What Are Their Differences

Apr 7

Concrete Stairs and Steel Stairs: Which Is Best & What Are Their Differences

By Phoenix Concrete Contractors

Stairs are a crucial feature of any multilevel structure, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. Not only is the design important but so are the materials used for construction.

There are many materials that can be used to make stairs, including wood and stone. However, concrete and steel is the most popular material for building industrial and commercial stairs. This article will compare concrete stairs to steel stairs.

What is the main difference between concrete and steel steps?

Concrete stairs and steel stairs differ in that they are constructed from different base materials. Concrete stairs can be made from concrete and steel stairs are made predominantly from steel. Each material has its own benefits and costs. Steel stairs are typically lighter and stronger than concrete stairs.

  • Steel is an alloy made up of iron-carbon and other metals. For staircases, the steel is galvanized with long-lasting zinc coatings to keep corrosive substances out. In some other cases, stainless steel, which is naturally resistant, is used to construct.
  • Concrete contains three components: water; aggregate (rock sand or gravel); and powdered cem. Concrete is formed when cement and water are mixed together. Once poured, it will harden.


Another difference between steel stairs and concrete stairs is where they are found and which types of stairs they can be used.

  • Steel stairways are a popular choice for indoor spaces in homes, businesses, or industrial areas. It is possible to use steel for outdoor stairs, especially when it is made of stainless or galvanized steel. Steel is an attractive material for mezzanine, crossover, and alternating tread staircases in industrial areas, as well for spiral staircases at homes and businesses.
  • Concrete stairways are a popular choice for outdoor use. However, they can also serve as the foundation of stairs in residential or commercial buildings that are covered with other materials. Concrete is most commonly used for simple types of stairs, such as L-shaped and straight stairs.

Concrete stairs vs steel stairs comparison

1. Concrete stairs vs. metal stairs strength & durability


Both steel and concrete stairs are durable and strong. Depending on where they are used, each type has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Staircases made of steel are the strongest materials available. Steel stairs are very strong, and they can resist being broken under tension. Galvanizing steel in order to resist corrosion enhances its durability, especially for outdoor environments that are subject to extreme weather. Steel can support excessive weight and is almost five times more strong than concrete. A steel staircase will outlast a concrete one but can be built using much less material.

Concrete has a high strength of compression. This means that it can resist being pushed together. However, concrete does not have steel's tensile strengths. Concrete staircases often have hidden metal reinforcing bars or rebar. Concrete stairs are resistant to high impacts and can withstand heavy loads.

2. Concrete stairs vs. steel stairs: Which one is simpler to maintain?

Both steel and concrete stairs can be easily maintained. Steel stairs are easy to maintain. Galvanizing can be done to prevent rusting. A pressure washer can be used to clean the staircases. You can use a sponge, mop, or mop to clean powder-coated steel. You can clean indoor steel stairs with mild detergent by mopping or sweeping.


Concrete stairs are low-maintenance, just like metal stairs. You can easily clean indoor concrete stairs by simply mopping them. Concrete stairs outside can be safely pressure washed to remove any dirt or other buildup, without causing concrete damage.


But, concrete stairs and steel stairs with concrete treads might be an option in some cases. Concrete is fire resistant so it can be used for fire exit stairwells. Concrete stairs are noise and heat-absorbing and can be used as soundproofing or to lower heating costs.


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