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Apr 9

HVAC Repair & Installation Services

HVAC Contractors San Diego offers Service Agreements to thousands of San Diego residents every year. HVAC Contractors San Diego offers a Service Agreement that gives our customers peace of heart knowing that there are no breakdowns.

HVAC Contractors San Diego offers high-quality home heating and cooling services in San Diego, CA, and surrounding California areas.

Invasion of the Dust Mites, A Horror Story

We know this isn't something you want to hear but it's true. Dust mites can be a severe allergen and can even worsen your allergy. You'll find them everywhere.

HVAC Contractors in San Diego aren't afraid-mongers. However, you should be aware that your bed could have up to 10,000,000 dust mites. These mites eat the dead skin cells and hair you shed every night. Even though we don’t like to break the news, every one of those ten-million dust mites will produce twenty droppings each day. A single week of dust mite activity on your bed means that you are sleeping on - or inhaling – 1,400,000,000 microscopic dustmite patties. It's these droppings that are most allergenic.

So, how can you get rid of these little guys? It's not that hard. Dust mites, which are unfortunately a part of everyday life, won't be going away. It is possible to drastically reduce the population of dust mites within your home, which can help with allergies and other respiratory issues. You can make it easy by following our...

Simple Guide for Smashing Large Numbers Dust Mites

To whack large numbers of dust mites, it is important to keep your home dust-free. Dust mites, dust. Dust, dust mites. Can you see the connection? Dust is primarily made up of the 50,000,000 skin cells you shed each day. Here's how you can get rid of dust, and thus dust mites, in your own home.

  • Dust at the very least twice a week. You can dust with an electrostatic, microfiber, and damp dusting cloth to actually pick up dust. But don't use dusting solutions. Although they can make your wood shine, they have harmful chemicals that are not as good for your lungs.
  • After you dust, vacuum. You should invest in a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. This filter will filter air through the vacuum before it goes out through its exhaust.
  • While vacuuming and dusting, for about a half-hour, switch the thermostat fan setting on to ON so that the A/C fan can capture all pollutants released by vacuuming or dusting.
  • Filters are important. Make sure to choose the best-pleated filter for your cooling system. Generally speaking, a MERV12 MERV filter will capture over 90% of the dust mites found in the air.
  • Get rid of clutter! Clutter creates dust and dust mites. Take out the clutter and get rid of the clothing piles.
  • To kill the mites, wash your bed every week in warm water. While your bedding is being washed, vacuum thoroughly and place your pillow on the outside.
  • For protection against the riffraff, get a mite-proof mattress protector and mite-proof pillowcases.
  • Your home humidity should not exceed 30-50 percent. This can be quite difficult in San Diego, where the outdoors humidity is high. But, you can use strategically placed portable dehumidifiers to help or a whole-house, a built-in dehumidifier that has a humidistat and is designed to work with your HVAC system. You see, dust mites are able to thrive in high humidity. However, they don't live as long or reproduce as fast in lower humidity.

The majority of your indoor time is spent at home, with 90 percent being spent indoors. It is important to take care of the air you breathe. This will help you maintain your good health and overall well-being. HVAC Contractors San Diego is dedicated to helping San Diego, and all California residents maintain clean indoor air. We aren't just concerned with staying cool, we want to be healthy.

To learn more about how we can help you rid yourself of mites or other allergens in San Diego, California, please contact us today.


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