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Cabinet Refacing Service

Jun 20

Cabinet Refacing Service

Cabinet refacing also known as cabinet door repair) is a cost-effective way to get new drawer fronts or doors for a fraction compared to a standard kitchen remodel. You can have brand new cabinets with matching boxes, with much less effort, cost, or disruption.

Our Cabinet Doors Replacement vs. Traditional Approach

It's possible to think that your cabinets need to be completely renovated if they're old, worn-out, or chipped. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing is a door replacement service that can deliver better results.

Our cabinet door repair service allows you to choose from a variety of styles and options when replacing your cabinet doors. You can keep your existing cabinet boxes in place. We replace the doors and drawer faces with a new style so that your kitchen feels and looks brand new.

How Cabinet Door Repair Works

When you have a complete remodel, a contractor will come to your home and remove the old cabinets and install new ones. Sometimes cabinets are replaced with inferior products which can lead to lower quality.

It is likely that cabinets have many years of use and life left in them. They just need to be refreshed. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing helps.

We offer cabinet door options that will replace your existing cabinet boxes and install new drawer fronts. We offer a wide range of cabinet door styles so that your kitchen can transform from boring to fashionable. There are many design options available, which can be paired with various wood types, stain colors, paint colors, finishes, or specialty options.

Our unique proprietary process allows us to refinish drawer fronts and cabinet boxes to give them a cohesive look. We offer a variety of stain and painted options. We can also match any sample provided!

If you would like to preserve the wood tone, we will match or darken any existing stain. Our craftsmen will make the transition seamless between your outdated kitchen and your brand new kitchen.


You have endless cabinet refacing options

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing provides endless options from styles and colors to finishing touches. We will consult with you about all possibilities for your cabinet refacing projects, taking into account your design preferences and lifestyle.

You'll find the perfect cabinet door replacements for your style and preferences with our help.



Choose from our Kansas Master Cabinet refinishing color palette for paints and stains. There are many options for paint, from Pure White to Bear Lake Blue or Top Hat Black. The stain options are from Raw Siena to Burnt Umber and Black. If you are not interested in any of these colors, we can match your color samples.

If you aren’t sure which stain or color to choose, our team will help you navigate your choices and allow you to see your color options in your own home. The finishing techniques we use to personalize your final colors include glazing, antiquing, and torching.


Door Styles

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing offers many door styles and profiles. We offer drawer fronts in many styles and looks, including Shaker and solid panels as well as custom designs. You have a wide range of options when it comes to the rails, edges, and stiles.

Wood Types

You can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen cabinets by choosing the right wood. Wood comes in a variety of colors, grains, and densities. Each type can have different colors and staining options. Some can produce a richer and more dramatic effect, while some are better for staining than painting. Our team will assist with your selections so you can find the best option for you and your vision.

Cabinet Door Replacement at a Value You Can Afford

Traditional cabinet renovations are often expensive and can run into the thousands. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing, which can be done without a significant investment but that still gives cabinets the same feel and quality as new, is an option.

Our method is far less expensive than completely replacing your cabinets. Pricing can vary depending on the size and design choices you make, as well as the number of cabinets to be refaced. Our team is happy and able to help you explore your options and provide an estimate.


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