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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Runt Stun Gun

Oct 13

This gadget will deliver a very strong shock to everyone you come into touch with. When evaluating the strength of a stun gun, you want to look at the high end of the spectrum, where the 4.5 milliamps will have the most amps available.

The most people who would profit from this are those who would require a weapon to protect themselves in the case of a surprise assault. Anyone looking for revenge or wishing to use it aggressively should not use this. If you are feeling overwhelming rage, I would advise using a punching bag. The one linked has a full MMA setup, which is great and a better way to release tension.

The runt stun gun has a 20 million volt voltage, although this is unimportant in the end. An electrical current only has to be roughly 25,000 volts to pass through dense clothes and skin. Manufacturers typically promote a very high voltage in order to attract buyers.

The amps that have a big impact, not excessive voltage, are what cause problems. One of the most potent stun guns on the market is the RUNT, which has a 4.5 milliamp rating.

If you reside in any of the following states or counties, it is not possible to have a stun gun shipped to you due to local regulations.

CT, IL, HI, NY, MA, RI, WI, MI, Denison/Crawford County, Annapolis, Maryland, or the District of Columbia.

Additionally, it will not be transmitted abroad.



Runt Stun Gun With LED Flashlight

This stun gun is quite potent, producing a current of 4.5 milliamps at a voltage of 20,000,000 volts. Any adversary will be knocked out cold and left in a state of confusion by this gadget, giving you time to retreat.

It provides a non-lethal jolt with no lasting effects, so you can rest easy knowing you didn't do anybody any serious harm.

The top stun gun on the market is regularly considered to be the Vipertek 989. The lack of amp information on the Vipertek is its only shortcoming in contrast to the RUNT. The Vipertek makes no mention of the amps; the strength of stun guns ranges from 2 to 5 milliamps. In none of the reviews is this mentioned.

There is advertising for both the 53 billion volts and the 230 million volts models. Once again, the strength of the gadget is not indicated by the quantity of volts. Those with genuine power are the amps.

The RUNT, which has a 4.5 milliamp rating, is one of the strongest stun guns on the market, if not the strongest.

For anybody searching for a less deadly self-defense tool than carrying a pistol or taking the chance of making a mistake in hand-to-hand fighting, this stun gun is the best option. It is not a toy, thus nobody should buy it with the intention of using it that way.


  • It is represented as 4.5 milliamps.
  • The gadget is secured to your wrist with a safety pin to prevent loss.
  • Contains an LED floodlight to help fend off assailants in dimly lit areas.
  • It has a built-in charger, allowing for anytime recharging.
  • Built to easily fit in the palm of your hand.


  • The belt loop that attaches to your wrist has a history of often breaking.
  • The safety pin may get loose and go missing, but I'll teach you how to find it again!
  • Like other stun weapons, you must approach your adversary physically and hold the charge for three seconds, which is a long period of time in combat.


Uh Oh! Since I Lost My Pin Strap, My RUNT Isn't Functioning!

Please don't panic! The pin strap—basically an additional cable connection—activates the RUNT. You may either purchase this aux plug and make your own strap, or you can locate something similar at a nearby audio component shop. I suggest it since it's affordable and tiny enough to not obstruct the functioning of your stun gun.

What Is The Best Method For Charging This?

It really is built-in and really practical. Simply raise your hand and cast a quick glimpse down your RUNT. A little sliding button will be visible; just move it over to expose the two prongs. All you need to do now is plug it in and wait for it to charge since these two prongs fit into any regular home socket. The process is over at that point.

I Plugged It In, But Just The Flashlight Is Functional

If you experience this, make sure the strap is completely connected in. Without this being plugged in, the stun gun will not work. After making sure it's plugged in twice and it's still not functioning, I'd suggest returning it and getting a new one from the same shop or online.

It Fits Like A Glove

The gadget measures 12" x 2". It is designed to fit firmly in your hand and has a rubberized finish. You won't be shocked by the rubberized covering, and the small size lets you maintain a firm grasp on the device even while you're being attacked. Additionally, the smaller size lessens the possibility of an adversary attempting to take it from your hands since the electrified prongs are the only item a threat can grip. Ouch!


The product may be recharged using a built-in charger that is compatible with any domestic outlet. The RUNT's two prongs will simply come out, allowing you to connect it directly into the wall. On the device's bottom, there is a slider that you pull out. I truly wish I had bought this as my first stun gun, especially after how many AA batteries I used.

The quantity of electricity is measured in milliamps (mA).

The RUNT has a powerful output of 4.5 milliamps. There is no need for alarm since an electrical current doesn't become fatally dangerous until it exceeds 100 milliamps. This amperage falls at the very top of the stun gun range. You know this one will hurt since even police tasers have only around 3 milliamps of power.

20,000,000 Volts Of Voltage

Simply said, voltage is the force that drives the electrical current through the victim's body. 20 million volts are thus not necessary, but with that 4.5 milliamp super punch delivered with a bite, you may be certain that you will get the current.

Narrow Belt Loop Holster

The RUNT comes with a belt loop holster. As implied by the name, it just hooks to the belt loop on your trousers to provide you with quick access to your stun gun. Doing it this way will save you from digging around in your pockets or bags.

Switch Off The Pin-Wrist Strap

Remove the disable pin from the stun gun when you're not in a scenario where you may need to use it to avoid accidentally shocking yourself.

Integrated LED Light Source

The built-in light will enable you to see your target more clearly if you find yourself under assault in a dimly lit area. This will increase the effectiveness with which you can administer the stun gun to your attacker.

Conceptual Proof

Don't rely on my word alone. Customers who have used the RUNT stun weapon have reported favorable results. People enjoy how portable the item is because to its lightweight, small form. They also say that it may not need to be recharged for a very long time. Even though it's little, it has a lot of power!

Stun Gun Replacements VTS 880 (Vipertek)

Do you not enjoy it? Nevertheless, you might look at other options! First, the Vipertek VTS 880, which has a lifetime guarantee, should be considered as an alternative to the RUNT. Similar to the RUNT but a bit smaller, it is tiny enough to conceal and doesn't take up much room. Last but not least, it contains four prongs rather of just two, suggesting a more effective way to transfer power. A case is also provided!

Why the Vipertek VTS 880 might be a better option:

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Choose a size smaller if you want to fit in very small.
  • A carrying case is included with this item.

Vipertek's VTS-T03

The last option we'll look at today is the Vipertek VTS-T03, which has a flashlight-like appearance. Additionally useful is the flashlight functionality. It is a 350-lumen tactical flashlight with a battery life of around 100,000 hours, making it more practical than the RUNT. Furthermore, this one has a lifetime guarantee in contrast to the RUNT.

Why is the Vipertek VTS-T03 a preferable option?

  • It is a more potent flashlight that is also a tactical light.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • A low-profile flashlight.