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8 Ways to Significantly Increase Front Door Security

Oct 21

We would all like to think that our homes and living spaces are going to be protected with a good deadbolt. That just isn't the case anymore, with burglars and thieves finding new and more-advanced ways to get into your home. We can all agree that NYC and the surrounding areas haven't exactly been places where you can leave the door unlocked. Then again, even mainstream American neighborhoods that used to do this all needed to upgrade their security.

But for most of us who don't like living in our homes that look like everything is built like Fort Knox takes away from the very entrance that's supposed to appear welcoming. Who wants to have an entry door that appears cold and prison-like when there are safety measures that can immediately improve your front door security? Not only that, you can still have plenty of attractive detail built into your front entry that won't scare off your friends or worry your neighbors.


1. Upgrade to a stronger doorframe.

We all know that a well-constructed doorframe is designed to hold the weight of any door that's mounted onto it. However, depending on where you live, it's also built to support more than a door. It's actually one of the few places that can provide shelter in case of natural disasters like earthquakes. While you don't see too many earthquakes on the East Coast, an exceptional doorframe is designed to resist forced entry.

This included using tactics that include trying to kick in a door from wood that has become weakened over the years. Pressure-treated wood that is meant to remain rock-solid is recommended when replacing new doors or security doors.

2. Install a security door.

There are lots of doors that are made from the same solid wood construction that will soon start to shrink and crack over the years. This is especially important living in areas close to the coastline where salty and higher amounts of humidity are ever-present. While you could invest in a solid-core door that all has steel and fiberglass within a door construction, security doors offer the best protection.

These special doors are constructed to withstand high-impact attempts to be kicked in and are better when they are installed into a doorframe that helps provide a solid foundation. Secondary security doors, such as storm doors or screen doors, are typically added-on for extra protection and appear just as decorative but remain just as strong as your security door. Call a locksmith in NYC today to get your door installed.

3. Always use a deadbolt.

Standard locks will work just fine for keeping a door locked however, the advantage of having a deadbolt is a much better idea. Newer deadbolt designs interlock together within security doors and use high-strength steel bolts that are activated when you lock the door. These bolts slide out from the door at strategic points at the top and bottom of your door in addition to both sides of the door frame, making it nearly impossible to bust open by conventional means.

If you don't have a security deadbolt set up, a standard deadbolt that attaches to a door is better than nothing. There are many styles of deadbolt set-ups that can be manually attached to an existing door that are available at home improvement centers and from your locksmith.

4. Door chains and latches.

Many door entrances will have that old-fashioned latch chain that keeps a door from opening more than enough room to fit your hand through. Most hotels now install door latches that are iron swing latches that are much better for preventing someone from pushing or even kicking their way in. If you're worried about someone forcing their way in when you open the door, this is a good option to choose for many reasons.

5. Smash-proof glass on decorative doors.

Sometimes you see doors with windows on them so you can see who is at your door. Most people do not know that the glass used inside these windows is often smash-proof. Yet, for some doors, it will be the next level of security to have thinner glass removed to install security glass similar to the windshields on vehicles. It can still crack and break but is not easy to break through completely.

If you consult with a glass company, you might be able to find bulletproof glass if the cost is not overly-priced. Larger framed doors with windows should consider that the frames that hold these sections of glass are all held in custom metal frames.

6. Plenty of motion sensor lights.

Motion sensor lights are ideal for use at the entrance of your home. They also need to be positioned higher up, so they aren't easy to reach by burglars or anyone intending to rob your home. Luckily, all of the newest motion sensor lights have special timers that allow the lights to remain on for a few seconds up to a few minutes. The combination of having a well-lit entryway and repeated on-and-off motion that's being sensed will act as a major distraction to thieves.

7. Install a video doorbell.

This isn't just a new trend that makes the rounds on TikTok, doorbell cameras are often the best security that helps you identify who is at your door. They also help police catch who has been creeping around your doorway since many of these cameras include excellent detail when motion is detected near the camera itself. The best aspect of doorbell cams is they can be connected directly to your smartphone to see live video images of someone at your door.

Many of these new systems also allow for interaction, so you can always make it seem that you're always at home and prevent would-be robbers from figuring out that you're not home.

8. Keyless locks add more layers of security.

One of the newest innovations that are improving home security is the keyless door lock. Think of this as a touchpad that identifies your fingerprint, while others use a numerical code. You can find a combination of both, but most importantly, there are many keyless lock brands to choose from. What you want to look for should include access to your smartphone to monitor who has come and gone since keyless locks are good for multiple members of your family.

They can be assigned to each member, which can all be changed at your discretion. This way, you can allow certain friends access, such as watching your pets when your one vacation or with those who are close to you.


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