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Trigger Stun Guns And What Do They Do?

Nov 21

The unusual design of the 18,000-volt stun gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin makes it simple to operate. It has a lifetime warranty and ensures that after a brief pull of the trigger, victims will be pleading for mercy from assailants. It has a texture that prevents slipping. The 100-lumen flashlight may be used as a standard flashlight and features a high-intensity LED that will prevent an opponent from escaping or being seen by you. Stun weapons offer incredible stopping power with 4.8 milliamps of electricity to incapacitate enemies.

There is no need for a separate charger since the prongs are built into each gadget. The nickel-cadmium battery has a three-month working charge retention capacity.

A pin wrist strap is included with the Trigger stun gun as an extra security measure. The stun pistol will be ineffective if the pin is knocked out of your hand or pulled off with the strap. To protect your children from hurting themselves, the throttle pin of the stun gun may be kept at home. Its measurements are 4 5/8 by 1 3/4 by 7/8 inches.

These qualities consist of:

Stun weapon with an 18 million volt voltage.

with 100 lumens of light.

More agility is possible if the pin on the PPE wrist strap is disabled.

There are electrical outlets installed.

Colors accessible:

Black, Black & White Zebra, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and more colors.