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How to Find A Good Access Control Installation and Access Control Diagnostic Service Provider

Dec 8

Tips to finding a good access control service provider

Providing access control solutions to a large organization often involves the use of multiple devices, software applications and a host of auxiliary equipment. This may involve biometric identifiers, magnetic swipes and even a combination of barcode and proximity card technology. Whether you are installing an access control system for the first time or looking to improve an existing security system, a company specializing in this field can help you achieve your goals. Galaxy Control Systems offers a complete turnkey solution for your security needs. In addition to supplying the equipment, the company will coordinate with your door hardware supplier to install, test and maintain your new system.

The company's products and services must also meet the standards of your local jurisdiction and your security requirements. They should be tested to ensure that they operate properly in a variety of environments. The company should also store and maintain the products according to manufacturer specifications. This includes disposing of solvent-based materials in accordance with local authorities.

They should also have an unbroken record of at least five years of documented experience in the installation and maintenance of such products. They should also be a Certified Dealer of the manufacturer. They should be able to demonstrate that they are capable of performing the installation in a timely fashion and that they are able to store the products in a clean environment.

An appropriately configured computer interface that can be used to control the various components of the access control system. The device should be able to show you all the relevant alarms in real time. The software should also be able to store all the important system events in a relational database. The system should also be able to provide a graphical display of building maps for all the access control workstations in the facility. The system should be able to automatically download information to the System Server and send it to each of the Access Control Panels. The system should be able to synchronize the data between the ACPs and the Central Database Server.

The company should have an anti-tamper device that will generate a tamper alarm when a door is opened. This device will be able to trigger a slew of other events based on user activity. The company should have a solid warranty policy in place that covers both the products and the installation process. It is also a good idea to find out if the company provides a service contract to protect you in the event of problems with the product. The company should also be able to provide you with a demo kit that demonstrates the products in action.

It is recommended that youshould have a security contractor in place that can coordinate with your electrical contractor and door hardware supplier. The security contractor will be responsible for providing the necessary components as indicated on your contract drawings. This may include door hardware, PTZ cameras and an anti-tamper device. The security contractor should also have a warranty in place that is unconditional.