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Sep 23

An Insider's Guide to Armed Security in Houston, Texas

Armed security in Houston, Texas is a topic that many people are not familiar with, but it should be. Armed security in Houston, Texas offers businesses an excellent way to protect themselves from potential threats. If you're looking for an expert opinion on this topic, then keep reading!


What is armed security, and why should I get it for my home or business?

Armed security Houston is different than Unarmed security guards in Houston. Armed guards carry firearms and are trained in the use of this weapon - their primary responsibility is to protect lives, property, and assets from physical damage or theft when on duty. Unarmed guards carry no weapons but may be equipped with a baton for protection against violence while off duty. When choosing an armed guard service company you want one that has full licensing (including all state licenses) as well as certification by ASIS International which means they have met stringent qualifications set forth by the industry's association committed to promoting excellence in private security worldwide.


The benefits of armed security are many.

Armed guards In Houston often help to limit the risks associated with theft and vandalism, which can be a major concern for businesses in Houston Texas.  In addition, armed security provides an increased sense of safety and wellbeing among employees who work late at night or on weekends when other forms of protection are unavailable. There is also evidence that suggests armed security creates opportunities for better customer service by breaking down barriers between personnel and customers - something that has been shown to increase sales across various industries.


The legalities of carrying a gun in Texas

Anyone that carries a handgun is required by law to have a license or permit. Individuals who are interested in obtaining their initial Texas License To Carry Permit (LTC) must complete the following: Meet all legal requirements, pass a criminal background check and provide documentation of training for carrying concealed handguns. Applicants 18 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult when they go into any gun store so if you want your child to buy a small handheld pistol then it's best to accompany them on the visit with the gun store owner.


Types of weapons that are legal to carry in Texas 

The majority of Texans are permitted to carry a long arm, such as an AR-15 rifle or shotgun. Semi-auto pistols and revolvers can also be carried with the proper license. The only type of weapon that is illegal for civilians to carry in Texas is a machine gun (a fully automatic firearm). This state has some other laws pertaining to firearms not covered by federal law listed at Tex. Penal Code § 46.06: You may possess any number of rifles, shotguns, and handguns on your property, but you must keep them unloaded unless they are stored in a gun rack or similar device while being used for lawful recreational activities.

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