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Unarmed Security Guards in Houston, Texas - What's the Process?

Aug 4

When looking for a security guard, it's important to know what you want. Houston, TX  unarmed security guards are plentiful in the city and there are many different options that could be right for your business. With so many companies offering these services, how do you pick who is going to provide quality service? Follow these steps below to find out which company might be the best fit for your needs in Houston.

Background on unarmed security guards in Houston, Texas

Unarmed security guards Houston are a common sight in Houston, Texas. Security guards can be unarmed and armed with nonlethal weapons. Many unarmed security guards are armed with nonlethal weapons such as pepper spray, batons, or stun guns. The Houston Unarmed officers Services Police Department (HPD) requires that any person carrying a firearm must have at least 12 hours of training in the department's firearms instructor course and be certified by HPD to carry a handgun on duty.

Benefits of an unarmed security guard in Houston

Unarmed security guards often have a lower insurance cost than Armed security in Houston guards. Houston unarmed security guards are generally less expensive to hire than those in other parts of the country, including New York City or Washington D.C., where they can be up to twice as much because of higher living costs and more stringent licensing requirements. Houston Armed Guard Services also have a lower training cost than armed. Unarmed security guards are able to go into places other security officers cannot, such as schools or hospitals. Unarmed Houston Texas Security Guards can be used for crowd control and work in tandem with armed police officers when necessary.

Drawbacks of an unarmed security guard

Unarmed security guards in Houston do not have the authority to arrest anyone. They cannot use physical force or threats of harm to others for their protection, and can only give warnings before disengaging an altercation. If they are in danger themselves from weapons or violence, unarmed security services Houston guards may still defend themselves with a reasonable degree of proportional force.

Considerations for hiring an armed or unarmed security guard in Houston, Texas

> How much does an unarmed security guard cost?

For as little as $25 per hour or up to $50 depending on your company size and requirements for unarmed guards in Houston security services. For a security patrol service that includes unarmed guards with weapons such as batons or pepper spray.

> What will you be paying for when hiring a company in Houston, Texas to provide unarmed guards for your property?

We provide unarmed security guards in Houston for a number of common applications. These include:

  • Parking lot patrol service
  • Security escort or bodyguard service
  • Construction site security and protection to construction sites
  • Event and special event private party security guard services (incl. nightclubs, sporting events, public celebrations)

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